Victims of Likoni Tragedy were Retrieved on Monday, Mole Reveals

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The tragedy that evoked emotions from Kenyans towards the government has yielded results after the wreckage of the car was found.

Though the bodies of a mother and daughter have not been retrieved from the Indian Ocean where it sunk 8 days ago, a new hope has been renewed and the family might be moving towards closure soon.

This was after 11-day search and the drama that came with it including the fake Swedish diver who sought publicity by lying to the authorities that he could retrieve the bodies in 15 minutes.

With the overwhelming news, however, a mole shared earlier on Wednesday that the car was retrieved on Monday evening.

The whistleblower said that he called the family and was told that the government had hinted to them to get ready for burial.

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Through a Facebook post, the whistleblower noted that the government will show off that they did all the work when South Africa’s divers are gone out of the country.

My mole says there is a possibility the two bodies were secretly retrieved Monday evening (by the South African divers) towards the KPA area and covertly taken to the morgue. One of the family members who I spoke to this morning, hinted the same since a govt official called asking them to start preparing for burial.

his predictions came to pass as the government on Wednesday at around 1 PM, had a presser giving updates to Kenyans.


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