Eliud Kipchoge is Making Things Worse for Himself: Analyst

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The clock continues ticking as marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge prepares for the INEOS 1:59 challenge that will see him run for 42 kilometres under two hours.

Kipchoge is set to break his own world record in a one man show in Vienna Australia in a much-anticipated sport in the athletic world.

With the much praises from Kenyans and Africans to accomplish the mission challenged by UK’s billionaire, a section of Kenyans think that the challenge is not necessary.

Political analyst Professor Edward Kisiangani said that the pressure the world has exerted on the sportsman is not healthy for him.

The analyst added that such things should come naturally and not forced.

Eliud Kipchoge jetted in Vienna yesterday and is ready for the challenge on 12th October that will also air on Kenya’s local stations.

This is among the biggest sports in the history of Athletics in the world, and if he manages to break the record, goodies might come his way from Britain’s billionaire who facilitated his challenge.


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  1. A political analyst is akin to a politician. Had Kipchoge declined the challenge you’d be talking about how uncertain with his abilities he is and of course how dummy it is letting go such a lucrative offer from the billionaire.

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