Why Kipchoge is Optimistic of Winning Billionaire’s Heart

Eliud Kipchoge arrives at Vienna Photo: Courtesy


Olympic and world marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge is set to break a world record, his own record, in an anticipated 2-hour race.

Eliud yesternight departed for Vienna, in Austria, in his attempt to become the first man to run under two hours over 42km (26 miles).

This was all made up by a British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, and even offered a private jet for the Kenyan athlete.

Will Eliud Kipchoge break his own record of last year’s Berlin marathon of two hours, one minute and 39 seconds?

Kipchoge is optimistic about breaking this record according to his prowess and exercises he undergoes in the hills of Rift Valley.

The terrains he trains at and the weather is also an added advantage to his Vienna race.

His iconic target of running the distance under two hours, dubbed “INEOS 1:59 Challenge”, will take place in the streets of Vienna, though organisers are yet to announce the actual date and time as they consider the weather conditions.

Kenyans have rallied behind the champion and promised to give him all the support as he represents the country in an international platform.


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