Otile Brown Pens Down Sweet Message to Ethiopian Ex on her Birthday

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Otile Brown and ex, Nabayet Photo: Courtesy

Celebrated singer Otile Brown has penned down a deep message to Ethiopian ex-bae on her birthday.

Baby Love hitmaker took his fans down memory lane to how he met Nabayet in Autralia a few months ago.

Otile Brown met Nabayet on social media and later planned on meeting for a date in Australia which soon they dated.

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I remember when we first met in Australia after months of talking on phone for hours everyday without getting bored, you pulled up on me in a black biker short, a big ass 2pac black Tshirt ( which is mine nowadays😉) and yeezys sneakers

He also praised her for not trying to impress him by dressing simple and with no make-up on their first date.

“With no makeup on, no nothing 🤣 you weren’t trying hard to impress and that is when I knew you were gonna be my headache, coz that’s my type of cool,” he added.

The two dated for some few months before Otile cheating again leaving the Ethiopian beauty to fly away.

On Saturday, she celebrated her birthday, a week after Vera Sidika’s birthday and she even tried the red attire like bootylicious socialite.

Vera, Otile, and Nabayet Collage: Daily Buzz

Otile promised to get her something for her birthday. “Happiest birthday Nabi ila ndo ivo ,I’ll make sure i have something special for your fine a$$.”


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