Apple launches its branch in Kenya

Personal Systems has launched Apple Mono-Brand store to enhance the customer experience in Kenya.

The international company launched its offices in Nairobi last week as an authorised Apple Reseller Personal Systems.

Limited, has launched its refurbished Apple products and accessories store situated
at the Ground floor of the Yaya Centre, Nairobi.

The refit, worth over USD 50,000(Ksh 5,000,000) was fully funded by Apple through Redington; the Apple appointed Independent Value Added Distributor for Africa.

The refurbishment was occasioned by Apples’ continuous desire to enrich the customer experience in tandem with the industry’s fast-changing trends. World over, Apple has a legendary focus on the customer experience that Redington, in partnership with Apple Premium Resellers (APRs) and Authorised Apple Resellers (AARs) front to ensure every customer touchpoint (products, the website, ads, app store, and retail store) yield a consistent Apple experience. Speaking at the launch ceremony, Redington Marketing Manager Ms Christine Judy said that as a true Value Added Distributor (VAD) Redington not only offers top-notch pick, pack and ship services, but offer also programs and services that add value to the distributed products that increase their value or worth.

‘ Our job is to offer value addition to the products we distribute, that is why the
the success of this project is a boost to our portfolio and a continuation of our splendid
partnership with Apple. The refitting of this store to boost the Apple in-store
experience, Ladies and Gentlemen is one of the many assists we offer to our
customers,’ she added.

Redington Marketing Manager Ms Christine Judy and Personal Systems Managing Director Mr. Mahmood Khambiye


According to Redington, this revamp is one of many more to come as Apple seeks
to further position its products on pole position in Africa and on the world map.
Established in 2009, Personal systems Limited’s refitted Yaya Centre store apart
from celebrating its 10th year anniversary marked an evolutionary milestone as the
premier refit store.

Personal Systems Managing Director Mr Mahmood Khambiye while speaking at
the launch noted that Mono-brand stores are the next big thing locally. He added
that the approach, which allows customers to experience Apple’s computers and
devices hands-on and receive knowledgeable advice from the highly trained
technicians were the future of brand marketing.

‘As a technician and an AAR since the year 1994, I can authoritatively tell you that
this approach is set to revolutionize marketing trends for Apple products locally
while at the same time offering world-class Apple experience. The Apple
experience is King, it is what drives us, it is why we strive to make sure our
customers are catered to in a way only Apple can,’ said Mahmood.

The store’s new identity, according to Redington’s Christine Judy is much more
than a renovation – it signifies new energy and new direction. It combines Apple’s
core values and reflects a collective vision of taking Apple stores, products and
services to the next level of growth and expansion.

‘ We are delighted to be partnering with Apple and our AARs on this journey, we
look forward to many more of these refits. In addition, we are setting the pace,
keeping up with innovation as we endeavor to cement Apples footprints locally,’
she added.

Apple stores world over command the most traffic, it is the reason Apple strives to
maintain standards and offer premier Apple experience.

‘Our mission is to offer great customer experience, a wide variety of products and
accessories but above all, when a customer walks into a store, they must feel
wanted, welcome and appreciated, that is what this restore is all about; our
customers’ noted Personal System MD Mahmood Khambiye.

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