Kitengela residents protest after death of young businessman

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A young businessman has been murdered by thugs in Kitengela.

The lad, who owns a movie shop, was stubbed by two thieves after refusing to part away with his laptop.

A local source who sought anonymity said that the two thieves were found stubbing the young man with a knife and fled away.

Photo: DailyBuzz

So neighbor wa ako ka boy ka movie ndo wameskia commotion, wakaenda kuona, wakapata these two men were stubbing the boy. Si ndo wakaanza ku scream, wezi wakaanza kukimbia

The police reported to the scene a moment later and rescued the thieves; one had deep injuries.

The body was taken by police officers who reported to the scene.

Here is a snippet of the commotion in Kitengela streets;

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