Who is lying? Joe Mwangi rubbishes Wendy Waeni’s claims

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The Wendy Waeni story that escalated in social media last week has hit another milestone of a plot twist.

Joe Mwangi has come out to rubbish the claims that shook the country as shared by Wendy Waeni on national TV.

There are two sides to every story and appearing on Chipukeezy Show on Monday night, Joe Mwangi opened up on how things went down.

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I gave Wendy’s mother 100k to pay for her school fees but she is a drunkard

Joe Mwangi confirmed that Wendy never performed for two years and as an artist, one can only be paid when they perform.

Last time Wendy performed was two years ago, amekuwa shule and hakuna venye analipwa na haperform

The question now is, who between the two is telling the truth?

Here is the full video;


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