Is Gospel Dead? Size 8, Wahu confuse fans with new video

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Is it safe to say Gospel is dead in Kenya?

The Gospel industry has faced a lot of challenges and one can say, “they don’t fear God.”

Controversial ex-gospel star Willy Paul Msafi yanked the ministry for the secular world, which by the look of things, he had missed a lot.

Willy Paul is the only artist who shifted from Gospel to secular and still remained relevant unlike other musicians who ditch secular in the name of ‘salvation’.

Size 8, Collo, Wahu, Kush Tracy name them, are among the secular artists who got saved and started serving the Lord through music.

However, some of these artists face rough times trying to prove that they really changed and live to their word.

Size 8 and Wahu just dropped a super-amazing song dubbed Powe power which has gained attraction from fans.

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The song is a good one with powerful lyrics, but for the video, it is a NO.

The video has overshadowed the message and I am now stuck on the cars getting burnt and smoke bombs around.

If the sound is muted, you would think that the song is a secular one and this raises my question, is Gospel dead in Kenya?

Here is the full video, be the judge;

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