All is not lost! Wendy Waeni gets new Instagram account

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Wendy Waeni and her ex-manager, Joe Mwangi Photo: Courtesy

All is not lost for the young gymnast, Wendy Waeni after she exposed her ex-manager of coning people using her brand.

Wendy was backed up by Kenyans after telling her side of the story at Jeff Koinange’s show, JKL on Wednesday night.

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Luckily, Kenyans have embraced her touching story for losing her father to the exploitation of her talent.

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After her Instagram account was deleted, she has now opened aa new one with the help of DJ Mo and she has 17.8k followers in just a few hours.


Her previous account had over 132k followers with a blue badge as a sign of verification from Instagram.

Her manager, Joe Mwangi, is reported to have manipulated her account and was responding to DMs that Wendy knew nothing about.


Good Samaritans have offered to promote her and others have even proposed to get her a TV set and other goodies.


Someone referred me to this page after showing interest in buying Wendy’s mom a TV.Is the number above the legit number?If yes, what is the full mpesa name in that account?Since i am diaspora i have to have full legit mpesa names for that account please.Feel free to dm me for


Ata playbill tunaeza changa wahame Ile place,mungu aazishe maisha mpya na wao,tunaomba justice kwa Wendy .tumechoka na wezi wa kenya,MTU aezi onea shillingi ya mwezake huruma aiiii#judticeforwendy


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