Edwin Sifuna recalls how Joe Mwangi tried to con ODM through Wendy Waeni

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ODM Sec-Gen, Edwin Sifuna. Photo: Courtesy

Wendy Waeni’s expose of her ex-manager, Joe Mwangi, has turned a different direction after ODM Secretary-general confirmed the allegations.

Edwin Sifuna, ODM Secretary-General, has recalled how Joe Mwangi visited them trying to con them using Wendy Waeni’s name.

Wendy appeared last night on Citizen TV’s JKL where she revealed how her ex-manager left her with no penny after traveling all over the world.

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Sifuna, said that they had earlier agreed with Waeni to pay her some money but later terminated the program after Joe Mwangi went back asking the money be deposited in his account.

I don’t know about child trafficking but one time Wendy came to Orange house and we cut a cheque for her foundation to buy some play stuff. Weeks later Joe Mwangi came asking us to change it and write the cheque in his name. I cancelled the whole thing.

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Kenyans on Twitter are furious and want actions to be taken against Joe for exploiting a minor of her talent.


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