Get lost moron, Americans attack Larry Madowo

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The outspoken BBC journalist, Larry Madowo, has faced harsh welcoming to the United States as he looks forward to studying at Columbia Journalism School in Knight- Bagehot Fellows program.

Madowo this weekend experienced shooting in El Paso and Dayton in just two days of his stay in the US.

For the record, The New York Times and other American media outlets always give a bad image to Africa countries through their reporting showing how Africa is horrible.

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Larry Madowo has been spearheading for African stories to be told by Africans and has been trying to rewrite the African story.

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Through his article, he outlined how foreign media tell ‘lies’ about Africa when they have problems that we (Africans) do have.

Through his Twitter, he shared how the United States is unsafe and has experienced two mass shootings in one weekend.

Some Americans were not having the chill and asked Madowo to leave the country if he was not okay with it.

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