Willy Paul shocks fans after showing off his gun

If you thought you have seen the end of Willy Paul’s mystery, then you are probably wrong.

The controversial gospo-secular artist has been at the center of attention in the past few months with his ways of public stunts and the ‘denial’ declaring his stand-in music.

For a better part of last week, he was the talk of the town after he begged for love from the Jamaican idol, Alaine Singa who he claimed that she blocked him.

City lawyer claims Morgan Heritage and Alaine are not famous in Jamaica

Some did not buy the story, and yes the two released ShadoMado which is a feel-good song which he said they wrote it in 2017.

The Kenyan industry is known for the petty stunts to get people talking about them before dropping a song and it is now the norm in both the secular and the men of God.

Well, Willy Paul has publicly declared his love for guns. Apart from the ukunaji that he always says, it seems gunfire is his second hobby.

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However, according to security experts, civilians and police officers who are not in uniform are not allowed to show off their guns in public as it is a safety measure.

We at Daily Buzz tried to get to Willy Paul on whether the gun is his or he just downloaded but our calls went unanswered.

Willy Paul is yet to confirm whether he loves hanging around the range or he is looking forward to getting a gun. His fans on the other side think that he is making a dangerous move while others call it unnecessary.



You are lost…utafika mbali na hiyo.


Nmeona umeanza kuwa mngiki


Kwani Mungu si mlinzi wako tena

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